Our Team

Alexander Aragundi, Front Desk Administrator

7 Years with Downtown Endodontics

Alex started his dental career in the year 2000 and immediately fell in love with it. His expertise in the workings of dental insurance is unmatched. Because of his attention to relationship building, Alex’s approach is always people-oriented – patients come first. To this end, Alex takes great care to prepare and present the financial profile of our patient’s unique treatment plan to them. He works tirelessly to help our patients explore various ways to manage treatment costs whether is working with third-party entities or insurance companies.  

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Evelyn, and his children. 


Leticia Vargas, Dental Assistant

8 Years with Downtown Endodontics

Letty has a special way with patients to ease their anxiety and allow everything to go extremely smoothly during their visit. As a graduate of UEI College and with years of experience, she is an expert in this field. She takes tremendous pride in the quality of her work and patient care. Most importantly, she is a lovely person all around.   

She enjoys her career and taking care of her husband and son.  


Liliana Varela, Dental Assistant

6 Years with Downtown Endodontics

Lilly is also an esteemed dental assistant of ours, working side by side with our doctors and patients to ensure their utmost care. She too is a graduate of UEI college. Her pleasant demeanor and kindness really elevate our patients’ overall experience.  We are extremely lucky to have her on our team!

She enjoys spending quality time with her family, Lixandro and Lexanie.  


Claudia Salgado, Dental Assistant

1 Month with Downtown Endodontics

Claudia is a graduate of Bryman College and has been in the dental field for 16 years! Her last 8 years have been spent in Endodontics. She loves being a dental assistant, hiking, and spending time with her kids and hubby!